Saturday, January 26, 2008


Everytime I have think about the projects that I have to assign to my students i got reallly emotioned but a little bit afraid too because these projects have to be really useful and practical for them. I am really proud to say that almost all of my students have enjoyed and learned a lot from their projects.
When they get together in groups (sometimes they do it individually though) to start coordinating and brainstorming the ideas, then the elaboration and finally the practice itself are truly significant for them. At this time they realize that they are really able to use the language they learn an practice in classes with the textbook and the e-tasks.
After some years of experience, (12 so far) I have tried many and diffrent strategies and techniques to get my students to feel confident and comfortable when producing, i mean, when using all the grammar structures, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing strategies, speaking strategies, etc, in real commuicative situations.

Here I share with you some of the "evidences" that "accuse" my students of being communicatively competent.
The Mark of Zorro and talking about the family...

Practicing before performing and presenting Peruvian Typical food and recipes...

Going shopping, Algarrobina and, Upps! It was just some quality testing....
Very good guys!